Aug 27, 2015

Janet McNichol: Cadillac Tax Notice 2015-52 and Related Ramblings

Cadillac Tax Image
Most of the ACA focused on increasing the number of American’s with access to health care, but the Cadillac Tax (aka Excise Tax) has a dual purpose. First the obvious, it helps pay for the expansion of coverage. It’s expected to raise 87 billion. It’s also expected that employers will shift benefit dollars into wages and that people will loose deductions for health care expenses that will raise another 202 billion. Continue reading »
Jun 20, 2015

Janet McNichol: Does Your Organization Have a Glide Path to the Cadillac Tax?

What’s the Cadillac Tax?
The ACA expanded health coverage to millions. The Cadillac Tax helps to cover the cost of the expansion by taxing employers that provide “high-cost” health coverage to their employees. AKA — Excise Tax.
What’s a Glide Path? Continue reading »
Jun 4, 2015

Janet McNichol: Five Big Ideas from the World Health Care Congress #WHCC15

I had the good fortune to attend the World Health CareCongress. The event pulls together some of the most respected leaders in healthcare and shares the issues of the day from diverse perspectives. I walked away with pages and pages of tweets and notes. Way too much to summarize session by session. I decided to let it sit for a while and then come back to it and share the ideas I continue to think about.

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